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Dance School

The Centre for Dance is a committed organisation to contemporary dance and physical theatre. The main objective of the school is to promote this fastest growing art form in India. Contemporary Dance form can be conceived as a new way of communication through the human anatomy, hence bringing in originality, creativity, growth, and a new dimension to the representation of the dance ballets.

Since its inception, the centre has organized national events connected with contemporary dance including festivals and seminars. It is also responsible for producing several dance productions often involving international partnerships and collaborations. We are proud to be the only dance school in the city providing a library for research on contemporary dance.We at the centre, belief everyone moves in some way or the other, to get over stress, fit and connected to our bodies. Its not about what your body is outside its what we can do with it! Hence we offer a variety of courses for all age groups. Contemporary dance is a niche form of communication finding increasing number of followers and audiences and therefore we nurture celebration of life through dance!

The Centre of Contemporary Dance is nestled in the beautiful and serene campus of Kalachhaya Cultural Centre, Pune, India. The campus is a shelter for Kathak, Contemporary dance forms and it also houses the work of some of the great artists.

About Kala Chhaya

Kala Chhaya was founded by Smt. Prabha Marathe (Gandabandh Shagird of Pt Biru Maharaj) in 1965, to promote the beautiful & lyrical style of Pt. Birju Maharajji.Kala Chhaya has over the last 40 years grown into an important artist destination in Pune, encompassing various aspects of the art field. The institute offers courses in Kathak, Tabla, Hindustani vocal & Western music (namely Drums, Guitar & Synthesizer)

Spaces at Kala Chhaya

Darshan: The Dance Studio.

Offers space for dance/ theatre rehearsals, & small lec-demos.

Has a capacity to accommodate 75-100 people.

The studio has full mirrors on one side of the wall.

Ranga Mandapam: Experimental Theatre

Offers a regular proscenium stage for various dance/ theatre/ instrumental performances.Houses an audience of 350-375 people.

Bahuroopi: The Amphitheatre

One of the unique performance spaces, with earthen flooring specially maintained for dance & theatre performances

Shaped as a quarter of a circle the space houses about 150-175 people in all its natural surroundings!