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 Time Out Magazine
Four Walls of Parel
Saturday, 1st October 2011
 The Indian Express
Dance for Parkinson's Disease
Saturday, 3rd April 2010
Stretching the Boundaries of Dance
Wednesday, 31st March 2010
Mid-Day Pune talks about the Centre of Contemporary Dance and its upcoming events.
 Femina Magazine
Kings of Cool - Men, Femina Pune Loves
Wednesday, 24th February 2010
The Femina Pune Special Issue 2010 recognizes Hrishikesh Pawar for his contribution in the field of Dance.
 Sakaal Times
Breaking Away from the Box
Friday, 11th December 2009
Austrian Dancer Dimitrije Wentner conducts a workshop for the students of the Centre and gives valuable inputs ahead of their show 'Liebe und Leben'.
Love,Life etc
Friday, 25th December 2009
Another post event coverage of the Liebe Und Leben performance that received applause from local and international artistes of Pune
 The Times of India
"Doc on the Dance Floor"
Friday, 3rd July 2009
"Dance for Parkinson's Disease"
Dance Your Way to Younger, Stress-Free Future
Thursday, 30th April 2009
Dance instructor Hrishikesh Pawar says he has even had a 62 year old student.'I believe dance not only helps you to deal with stress but also helps you keep fit.Today everyone wants to look young and beautiful even when they are 50.
Topping The Charts
Friday, 28th August 2009
Hrishikesh Pawar who teaches contemporary dance in the city, feels the style is getting more attention, thanks to its relation not just to music but also to theatre.
 DNA Newspaper
"Simply Be"
Tuesday, 2nd April 2019
April 29 is International Dance Day
Thursday, 29th April 2010
Enjoy Indian, global dances from today on the occasion of International Dance Day.
Art Based Healing
Sunday, 29th January 2012
Featuring our community project - Dance for Parkinson's Disease.
Body of Liberation
Monday, 17th October 2011
Dance Like a Man
Tuesday, 18th November 2008
The event featured a short dance choreographed by Hrishikesh Pawar, an internationally renowned contemporary dance teacher and choreographer. Pawar started learning the classical Indian dance form of Kathak from Manisha Abhay. In 2004, he became the first Indian to be invited for a 'Summer Improve Workshop' by the Deutsch School for improvisation. He has a teaching experience in contemporary dance both in Germany and in India and merging the two dance forms namely, Kathak and contemporary dance is his primary focus.
Dance Like nobody's watching
Wednesday, 28th April 2010
A hands-on workshop on contemporary dance by Astad Deboo, followed by his performance is on the cards for city connoisseurs.
Exposure is Plenty Here
Monday, 29th March 2010
Hrishikesh Pawar talks about his passion for the city of Pune apart from his passion for dance.
The meaning of dance...
Friday, 30th April 2010
This contemporary dance theatre tries to ease people's rigid perceptions about dance and its forms.
 Citadel Mr. Pune 2008
Dance Your Way To The Top
Sunday, 14th September 2008
Contempory dance choreographer and pedagogue. Masters in Dance teaching from paleucca Sehule (Germany). Hrishikesh Pawar originally from the city of Pune wound his way to Germany where he incorporated Indian classic dance form with that of the International arena. The dance trainer is here especially to train our participants to dance their way to your hearts. Watch out for some fun on the Grand Finale!! Waiting in anticipation!
 Pune Mirror
Come Dance (Prayatna)
Tuesday, 27th April 2010
Inauguration of Prayatna, a film and dance festival to celebrate International Dance Day, organised by Centre of Contemporary Dance, Max Mueller Bhavan, Alliance Fraincaise and Maharashtra Cultural Centre is a three day affair that will start on April 28.
Dance Like a Man (Prayatna)
Wednesday, 28th April 2010
It is true that the less popular the art form is among the masses, the less we get to see it. But the process of bringing people into the embrace of something like this is time consuming...
Fusing The Feat
Friday, 25th July 2008
Hrishikesh Pawar is a contemporary dancer and has made his mark in India and abroad. His sheer love for this performing art has paved his way to success. "I just love the feeling of being on stage and getting lost in the aura of dance," says Hrishikesh, a trained classical dancer.
Life Like Moves
Saturday, 19th December 2009
Life runs for love and love runs for life and we create today’s dances. Liebe und Leben was a contemporary dance theatre piece which looks at the world today and its acceptance for love and life. In an era of chaotic lives, there is an unsaid yet fiery need to explore and express. We at the Centre truly believe that its ‘healing to hope’, and if any of you ever have an option to just stand by or hope, I hope you chose Hope!
Simply Be
Tuesday, 2nd April 2019
 The Pune Times
"Foreign Exchange"
Saturday, 3rd April 2010
Shake It Like Shakira
Tuesday, 8th April 2008
More and more punietes are learning contemporary dance forms to shed weight.
 Dresden Magazine
Hrishikiesh Pawar
Friday, 26th October 2007
Hrishikesh Pawar begann erfolgreich als Kathak-Tanzer zu arbeiten, unterrichtete und choreografierte. Eine ganz neue E-fahrung brachte ihm die Begegnung mit dem zeitgenbssischen Tanz.der in Indien nur eine schmale Plattform hat.Als er im Februar 2005 in Indien eine Film dokumentation ueber Palucca sah. war er so begeistert, dass er sich noch ein selben Jahr auf eine Reise nach Deutschland begab.
 Dresden Newspaper
Bollywood Goes Dresden
Saturday, 10th September 2005
Wer schon immer mal einem charmanten indischen Tanzer begegnen und dabei indischen Tanz kennenlernen wollte, so, wie er abgewandelt auch in BoIlywood-Filmen zu erleben ist, dem bietet sich dafuer eine hervorragende Gelegenheit. Am Dienstag beginnt im neuen Gebaude der Palucca Schule Dresden - Hochschule fuer Tanz ein entsprechender Kurs von Hrishikesh Pawar.
Hrishikesh Pawar
Wednesday, 27th February 2008
Hrishikesh Pawar ist ein Tanzer mit Liebe und Seele.Wer den 24 Jaerherigen Inder zuschaust, merkt schnell das er vor Energie nur so sprueht und die anmutigen und fliessenden Bewegungen geradezu aus ihm herauswollen.